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Quentin Guy Lawrence

"Damn your love, damn your lies. Break the silence..."

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Name:Quentin Guy Lawrence
Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork ( psl / musebox )

Quentin Guy Lawrence was born in Vancouver, Canada and he lived there until he was 18. He was the youngest of four children, and the much-wanted boy his parents desired after having three daughters. He was an average guy, somewhat quiet and got more broody going through high school when he was bullied for his love of classical music and the fact he played violin and not something 'more cool' like drums or guitar. He never got exceptional grades in anything but music, which was okay because that was always what he hoped to study at college anyway. He wanted to get away from Vancouver and the kids who made his life hell in school, so he applied for colleges in New York where his grandparents (his mother's parents) lived and were happy for him to stay with them while he went through college.

He got accepted into the Manhattan School of Music, though during Fresher's Week, he met a girl who was a freshman like him called Sophie and they struck up a friendship bonding over their love of music. Everything was fine for a couple of months, until he discovered Sophie was a recovering addict when she fell off the wagon and started using again. Quentin had fallen in love with her, and made the mistake of trying it with her one night. It got him on a rocky path of drugs and booze, though he had a horrible guilt conscience over it after his grandparents did so much for him letting him stay with them. He didn't continue, but Sophie never managed to quit again. She tried time and time again, but always failed. Quentin promised he would help her every time, but every time he would show up to her apartment and find her high or unconscious.

Quentin began to struggle in college because he was worried about her. His grades began to slip, and things took a really unexpected turn for him when Sophie came to him one night and told him she was pregnant. She wasn't remotely clean, and told him that she wanted to keep the baby, and really wanted to get clean and be a good mom. By this time, she had dropped out of college when she couldn't maintain her grades and had little to no cash. Quentin was supporting her and her habit by working evenings after college in Kevin Lawson's garage. He wasn't really a fan of being greasy or even fond of cars, but Kevin was the only one who gave him a go and didn't get pissed off the times Quentin turned up to work exhausted and falling asleep on his coffee breaks in the staff kitchen. It was to Kevin whom Quentin confessed that his girlfriend was pregnant and he was barely keeping his head above water with college, let alone making ends meet. Kevin promised to help him, but that wouldn't have a chance to come to fruition.

One night, Sophie had the cops called on her and, in one of her desperate attempts to stay clean for her baby she was then two months pregnant with, she was clean when she answered her door to them. They had a warrant to search her apartment after someone ratted her out, and when they found a small stash of heroin under the cushion of the couch, Quentin panicked and said it was his, taking the fall for her. He got 12 months in prison, but was let out six months later on good behaviour. He hoped like hell he could still be there for the birth of his baby, but when he went looking for Sophie at her apartment, he was met by her older brother in tears, who told him Sophie had overdosed and when they delivered the baby early to save his life, she died from complications because of the drugs in her system.

Now, with his family having disowned him thinking he was a drug dealer and a criminal, he has nothing and nowhere to go, and is about to turn up on Kevin's doorstep in hopes his friend might still be okay to make good on his offer of help...

Quentin is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Quention is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation. For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Trent Ford, who belongs to himself.

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